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About Diablo Valley Masonry

We bring solutions not problems. When our competition is telling you why your project cannot  be built, DVM figures out how it can be built.  We believe in pro-active management of our masonry projects.  We identify issues ahead of time; before they become a problem.  The result is SAFE, QUALITY,  ON TIME,  ON BUDGET masonry projects throughout California.   

Safe- We have an industry leading, aggressive safety program that is supported with both in house administrators and outside consultants.

Quality- Diablo Valley Masonry, Inc. has earned the respect of city, county and “deputy” inspectors as well as General Contractors and Owners throughout Northern California because we have motivated, well trained employees.  Their knowledge of code and construction techniques is continually improved through in-house training, industry certification programs and our association with the Masonry Institute Training Association, MITA.

On time
We provide support and ideas to our clients to expedite aggressive scheduling and interfacing of trades. We do not commit to a schedule unless we have thoroughly analyzed all the issues and are certain it can be achieved.

On budget
We are a merit shop team that is dedicated to providing our customers with competitive pricing on all commercial and industrial projects.  We do this with a motivated, well trained work force led by experienced  supervision.  Add to this our veteran estimating team and we are often able to achieve or improve on your budget by creative value engineering.

We at Diablo Valley Masonry, Inc. are ready to help you develop solutions to the challenges on your next masonry project.


Solutions... Not Problems!

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